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All regular bowl games will be worth one (1) point for the winning team. The Orange Bowl & Cotton Bowl will be worth three (3) points and the National Championship Game will be worth five (5) points.

Regular Bowl Game:        1pt
Orange Bowl:                    3pt
Cotton Bowl:                     3pt
National Championship:  5pt
Tie Breaker:       (NCG) Points

Lastly, for a tie-breaker you must enter the TOTAL SCORE for the NCG. We will be updating the leaderboard on this page once all the games have completed each day starting on Dec 26th

2018 Prize Structure

1st Place:   $200

2nd Place:  $100

3rd Place:  $75

4th Place:  $50

5th Place:  $25

6th Place:  $10

(All Prizes are paid in HoundDogs Gift Cards)

2018 Pick’Em Leaderboard

(Through 1/1/19)


Jason Harmen

$200 GC


steve delaney

$100 GC


Jestin Shantz

$75 GC


danny koontz

$50 GC


Tim Jarvis

$50 GC


Eli Tate

$25 GC


Tim Sims

$10 GC

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