Good Morning, My Friends,

At one-point last night I thought, “Where is the weather delay when you need it?”. When you lose the turnover battle you usually lose the game, when you lose the field position game you usually lose the game. The Vols lost both of those areas in a big way and they lost them repeatedly the entire game. The Vol game execution was ugly due to missed assignments as the game started and stayed ugly in that way.

The Vol Offense turned the ball over and did that giving the Gators great field position. The Gator DL/defense made big plays because of missed blocks and blown assignments by Vol blockers. When the Vols made their blocks, they handled the Gator DL. The TE/FB had a hard day blocking. The key failure was lack of consistency in execution.

All year the Gator’s offense has been fueled by their defense and special teams. This game was the same way, their Special Teams and Defense set their offense up.

It was clear that Jeremy was not a happy camper. Not a lot of smiles on the sideline and that sums up the game.

A few points in my opinion, JG is one tough kid. The Vols did not quit on either side of the ball. The Vols can learn from this game just as the Gators learned from their loss to Kentucky last week. Over the last two weeks I have been able to watch each of the SEC teams that remain on the Vol’s schedule and there is not a “Gimme” on that list. As of today, I do not think that the Vols would be favored in any SEC game left on their schedule. I watched some of the WV game against K State yesterday and they had their way with KSU.

I have not given up on this team nor the coaches, but they are in for a yearlong fight. Their game next week at Athens with the Dawgs is really going to be ROUGH and TOUGH. They beat the C… out of Mizzou in Columbia. That game was ugly, and they manhandled the Mizzou QB and his passing game. They are better on both sides of the ball then the Gators.

Enough said! Go Vols, get them Dawgs!!


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