After Dominating #11 Kentucky, Vols Prepare for Missouri

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Good Day, My Friends,

Today has been a beautiful Fall day in Tennessee. After the Vols win, the Titans drilled New England, the Lady Vols won big, and things looked good going forward. I was a “Happy Camper” yesterday. There were good plays and “Special Plays” in each phase of the game for the Vols yesterday. Not just one but multiple players stepped up their game on every side of the ball I am even Happier today!

There are a few things to really like about the Vols for this game. They were better as units on both sides of the ball. We as fans need to remember that while “individuals” are important in Football it is a “Team Sport” and the success for the Offensive and Defensive Units result in Team Success. These guys are playing more and more as “Units”. At the same time, individuals stepped up their games to improve the play of their units. This was true on the defense in the secondary. How about those turnovers?

A couple of points, in the “Good Ole Days” we had a couple of good Off Coordinators. They ran plays that the defense expected them to run and they ran them well. The defenses adjusted and when the Vols set up in a situation FORMATION that the defense expected the Vols to run ” PLAY A” the defense would shift to stuff that play, but the Vols would run the “PLAY B” off that formation. Show a tendency and then not follow that when the time is right. The second point looking at Ole School coaching. I looked at scores in the 30’s and 40’s for Neyland and Bryant teams. Those Coaches completely controlled their schedules. If you looked at the teams they played before each other, you would say, “What!’ and when you looked at the scores of those games you would not/could not understand how these the “Great Teams” were held in check by these teams with losing records….answer the Vols and Bama sandbagged those games. Practice games and weeks to prepare for the “Big Game”. Motto, “Show Nothing and get ready!”. What am I talking about? See the Charlotte Score and ask yourself why did the Vols not beat that team by… points? We ran plays in the second half that worked from formations that did not work in the first half.

In the Kentucky game the Vols had a Defensive Objective, make a team “One Dimensional” take away their option to run or pass. They did, and KY could not pass well enough to win, the issue with Mizzou is that the pass is their #1 Option. The answer for the Vols is that they can play pass defense especially at HOME. Looking at the record, the Mizzou QB has not had near the success on the road as he has had on the road. I think that Jeremy will have a plan to pressure Mizzou’s QB. We will need TO’s. If we get a lead Mizzou will be playing from behind BUT that is what their QB likes! But he will not be at home, the Vol defense will be basically preparing for a “One Dimensional” team but a team that can be really, good at that game.

I feel good about the Mizzou Game because I feel that the Vols are better in all three areas of the game then Mizzou. Their defense is a lot like the KY defense, some good “individuals” but they do not have the same level of “Good” as “Units”. and at this point the KY “individuals” are/were as good as those of MIZZOU. Vols WIN!!

Status of the Vols. When you look at the play of the Vol Units last Saturday on offense and on defense you could see the improvement in play of individuals at every level. Tackles for loss, Pass breakups, INT’s, “FEWER RUNS FOR LOSS YARDAGE!!” were clues that kids were learning what not to do.

That is why I think that this team is growing.

On to next year…. recruiting. Looking at the kids committed, we have good kids and several early enrollees on that current list. I have always followed recruiting and you all know that. At this point the Vols will bring in at least 25 and maybe 27 with the “Blue Shirts” and “Gray Shirts” available. I want to call your attention to something that has really caught my attention, the Vols have had a “Huge” number of committed to other schools Top 100/250 Four/Five Star kids visiting this weekend and in this month. Two points, they are coming in with parents for “Unofficial Visits” (UNPAID) and the thing that get my attention is that they plan to come back for (PAID) Official Visits before signing day in the next month. Some are early enrollees starting in January. If you are interested in recruiting, follow this list. It is a list that looks an awful like the list from Fulmer’s with Lewis and Coleman class that built the National Championship Team.

It is great to be a Tennessee Vol Fan!!

Go Vols! Beat Mizzou!

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