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Good Day, My Friends

More information on the staff on the first list and some new support staff have been hired.


1) Kevin Sherrer – DC/ LB –   Bama Grad, Hoover HS & 3 Others, Asst Coach w/Jeremy, Bama Asst, Ga LB/ADC

2) Charles Kelly – Safeties/Special Teams –  Auburn Grad, FSU DC, Aub AC, Ga Tech A 

3) Terry Fair – DB’s – UT Grad, NFL, Vol QC Coach, Phoenix AZ DB, Colo St – DB

4) Tracy Rocker – ILB/DT –  Auburn Grad, NFL as Player & DL Coach, Auburn & Ark & Ole Miss & Ga DL Coach

5) Chris Rumph – OLB/DE – SC Grad, SC Grad Asst, SC HS Coach, DL Coach @ FL, Bama,TX, Clemson, Memphis

6) Robert Gillespie – RB – Gator Grad, SC Grad Asst, RB Coach @ West Vir, Ok ST, SC AC, Vol RB Coach

7) Will Friend – OL –  Bama Grad, GA Grad Asst, Bama HS Coach, OL Coach @ West AL, UAB, Ga, Col St OC/OL

8) Tyson Helton – OC & QB – Houston Grad, Hawaii Grad Asst, Western KY OC/QB, USC QB & OC, UAB RB&QC, Memphis TE/SP TM, Hawaii TE & SP TM, Cin TE & SP TM

9)  Brian Niedermeyer – TE – Ark Pine Bluff Grad (TE), Bama Grad ASST & QC Asst, Miami QC, East Tex Baptist WR

10) David Johnson –  WR – Nichols State Grad, Memp WR Coach @ Tulane, Millsaps, Miss & LA HS; Pro Ball



1)     Craig Fitzgerald – Maryland Grad (TE), Grad Asst AZ State, Houston Texans (5 years), Penn State, SC, Maryland, and others

2)     Bryon Jerideau – SC Grad, SC, San Diego Chargers, Appl. State

3)     Shaq Wilson – SC Grad, SC Grad Asst/QC

4)     A.J. Atis – Grad Campbell Univ, SC Grad Asst/QC, App State Asst S&C, Duke Asst S&C



1)     Drew Hughes – Dir Player Personnel, Gator Dir Player Personnel, Admin Opns @ Central Florida & NC State

2)     Todd Watson –  Qual Control, Bama Grad, Troy Qual Control & HS Relations, Bama HS Coach

3)     Tino Sunseri – Qual Control, Pitt Grad, Canadian Football (3 Yrs), FSU Qual Control

4)     Caleb Cox –  Vol Grad Asst

5)     Monterio Hardesy – Vol Grad, NFL, FAU Qual Control (Kiffen)

6)     Nathan Ollie – Vol Grad Asst

7)     Brandon Sheppard – Grad West Alabama, Grad Asst Valdosta State, Asst Dir Football Opns. Hoover HS Football Opns, Trainer NY Mets  5 years

Take care!  Go Vols!





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Game 4: Kentucky vs Tennessee

Game 4: Kentucky vs Tennessee

A painful note day. On SEC Today, one of the guys (I think Gene Chezic) said that he thought that the Dawgs would load the box to take away the Vol Running Game and make JG beat them with the pass. He was right. There was always one more Ga Player in the box then we had blockers and they were coming every down.

Game 3: Tennessee vs Georgia

Game 3: Tennessee vs Georgia

It has been a busy week and the weekend promises to be hectic. Everyone enjoyed last week’s success and it was on to Georgia on Sunday. The Vols improved in every area against Mizzou except on Special Teams with another missed FG attempt.

Game 2: Missouri vs Tennessee

Game 2: Missouri vs Tennessee

On to a review of the Vol’s game. The first note was that 14 Freshmen played and with that they had made the 70-man travel squad. That they made the travel squad and played reflects upon those kids’ talent, playing gave them experience which is the second major factor in player development.

Game 1: Tennessee vs South Carolina

Game 1: Tennessee vs South Carolina

It has been a LONGGGGG Time since the last game. And to tell the truth, most of the time due to the Virus, nothing to talk about. The Vols head to Columbia today to play the Gamecocks on Saturday. I guess this will be about how things look for the team and where I think they are as they get on the plane. There are a lot of things we can say, “This looks like, but we will have to see the game’s results.”

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