Game 3: Tennessee vs Georgia

by | Oct 10, 2020 | TN Bill's Tennessee Tidbits, VOLS 2020

Good Day, My Friends,

It has been a busy week and the weekend promises to be hectic. Everyone enjoyed last week’s success and it was on to Georgia on Sunday. The Vols improved in every area against Mizzou except on Special Teams with another missed FG attempt.

As the team leaves for Athens, it is in the best shape health wise this year. All the injured players have been released to play and have practiced this week. They are ready to play. There are no COVID cases on the sideline. The Vols have a few things that I think should help them in this game. First, they have already had a road game. Second, while the Dawgs have a really good defense, the Vols have already played two good defensive teams. Third, I think having all the players that had been projected starters back from their preseason injuries back and able to play will help the secondary and the DL improve their unit play. Fourth, this is the first time in several years that the Vols QB has more SEC games under his belt then the GA QB

Another point that I think will help the Vols is the progress of the Freshmen to this point. Most have been “spot Players”. They have had another week of practice and the staff has had another week to get their feet on the ground and to prepare for prime-time play.

The Dawgs are favored and have a talent edge, but at this point the Vols match up better with them this year than they have for several years. I think the game turns on big plays and mistakes. This is the game that the General’s Maxims really count.

Time to go, let us root for the guys, stay safe and healthy.

Go Vols! Beat them Dawgs!!




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