Game 4: Kentucky vs Tennessee

by | Oct 16, 2020 | TN Bill's Tennessee Tidbits, VOLS 2020

A Rainy Monday Morning to all of you, My Friends,

A painful note day. On SEC Today, one of the guys (I think Gene Chezic) said that he thought that the Dawgs would load the box to take away the Vol Running Game and make JG beat them with the pass. He was right. There was always one more Ga Player in the box then we had blockers and they were coming every down.

Looking at the play by play line, both backs averaged over 4 yards per carry BUT due to penalties and sacks the down and distance situations took the Vols out of running options.

We are talented and have some depth, GA is just as talented and not only has depth but also experienced depth. At this point They look like they have the best defense in the SEC if not the country. What did that mean? On the Vol right, the Vols had Trey at Guard with Wayna (Soph) at Tackle and a True Freshman at TE. Remember Wayna missed a lot of practice time due to COVID. GA had a 300 (+) pound DT coming on both sides of the center, so Trey had an inside block, Wayna and the Freshman were outnumbered almost every play. What side of the line did the sacks and caused fumbles come from? What side had almost all the Offensive Motion penalties?

On defense GA went after our LB’s in pass coverage especially over the middle of the field. Our young guys are run stopper but at this point they get caught a step slow on pass plays, by TE’s and B+RB’s coming out of the back field.

It was a tight game until the 4th QTR, but the defense was gassed by the end of the game because offense did not stay on the field in the third QTR. Offensive turnovers caused by GA’s Front 7 (Front 8 most of the game) turned the game for GA and set up most of their scores.

I expect KY to try the same thing, but the question is are they talented enough to do that in Knoxville?

Time to go

Go Vols! Beat the Wildcats!!




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