HoundDogs’ Trailer Photo Contest


Every other Monday until 12/2/19 HoundDog’s will be parking the HoundDog’s trailer at a partnering business’s location. Entrants will snap a photo tagging HoundDog’s and the partner business and post to Facebook to enter.


HoundDog’s will be giving away (5) $20 Gift Cards for each location. The partnering business will also be giving away an additional gift that will be announced on Facebook when each location is announced. Winners will be chosen at random. Limit one entry per person per location.

To Enter

1. Snap a photo of you (and friends) next to HoundDog’s trailer.

2. Upload the photo to Facebook and tag HoundDog’s and the partnering business’s Facebook pages.

3. Repeat at each partner location, announced every other Monday for multple chances to win!

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