Howdy, My Friends,

It feels like Football Weather with a Fall Nip in the Air.

This is going to be short and a bit tart. This game is like the Auburn Game on Steroids. We need to remember that it is a TENNESSEE HOME GAME and “History” says that the Vols have a chance. They have tripped up the Crimson Tide more than any other team, especially as Underdogs.

When I look at the two teams, the reality is that Bama has the talent/experience edge at EVERY POSITION ON THE FIELD. Where the Vols equal them at a position in talent, they have more depth and experience. This game reminds me of the bowl game that Phil’s team played one year against a Tom Osborne Nebraska team. it was “Toe to Toe” and then they put in the SECOND TEAM OL and it was still “Toe to Toe” for a bit. it was ugly when the Third Team came in, and then it got worse when the Nebraska Team First Line returned it was painful.

Depth and talent are killers in both Football and Basketball. The teams with the strong legs at the end of the game wins all else being equal. Speed and strength disappear when it is called upon too often against equal or better speed or strength especially when depth enters the situation. That is one reason Jeremy stresses the number of “Quality” Practice Reps for players. In Football as in Track, it is not just the reps ran but their Quality that improves performance results. Our guys are learning that, and they are also learning that hard practices mean easier games.

To win this game: The Vols must play BETTER than at Auburn. The Vols must create and score on Bama turnovers. The Vols must not turn the ball over. The Vols must do better than Bama on Third Down.

In my mind, the most important area that the Vols must improve in to win this game: “Make the tackle!’ Do not let Bama get yardage after first contact. Against Auburn if the first Vol to make contact on a play had made the tackle, the game would not have been close. In the 30’s/ 40’s/ 50’s, that was the strength of the General’s teams…NO YARDS AFTER CONTACT! If we look at most of the “Long Plays” we see today, most start with a “missed tackle”.

On a Basketball Note; I really liked the Vols in SEC Media Days this week. That was a real change from last year, I am looking forward to “Basketball Time in Tennessee!!”.

On that, my “Two Cents Worth” I leave you. Root for the Vols!

Go Big Orange! Beat Bama!!

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